RIF: VisualDX developer addresses racial bias in medical field

Emily Putnam
Created: July 20, 2020 02:29 PM

VisualDX is a medical technology company that produces a digital disgnostic tool for doctors, nurses, and physicians assistants to help them identify and diagnose medical conditions virually. 

Other tech communications companies like Zoom and Telehealth have seen massive growth since the start of the pandemic. VisualDX has seen growth as well, specifically growth in interest in their comprehensive image library. The digital library includes images of all skin colors, tones, and types for diagnostic purposes. 


Dr. Art Papier is the developer of VisualDX, and he told News10NBC that the Black Lives Matter movement has brought the issue of bias in medicine to the forefront of conversations in the medical field. His mission at VisualDX is to educate clinicians about identifying conditions across all skin types. 

To learn more about VisualDX and its commitment to diversity, visit their website here

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