Webster woman receives sunglasses from China she didn't buy

Patrick Moussignac
Created: July 30, 2020 06:22 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — For the past several days now people all across the country have been receiving mysterious, and unsolicited packages of seeds from China. Authorities say its part of a "Brushing Scam," and are actively investigating this situation.

News10NBC talked to Nancy Adams, of Webster, who also received a package from China that contained a product neither she, nor her family ordered.


So what's behind all these packages of seeds showing up in the mailboxes of homes all across the country? That's what authorities are currently trying to figure out. Two weeks ago Adams received a delivery, also from China.

"Honestly I thought it was something my husband had ordered so I went ahead and opened it, and then I saw it was sunglasses, and I'm like well I know I didn't, neither one of us ordered sunglasses," Adams said.

Although the pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses does look stylish, and authentic, Adams still has her concerns.

"I immediately put it back in the package," she said. "Sprayed it with Lysol, and actually just put it in the bag, and put it in the basement. Wasn't quite sure what to do with it."

Reports also suggest that the "Brushing Scam" involves random products such as these Ray-Ban sunglasses are shipped to people, in an effort to boost both positive reviews, and sales of the brand named product. 

"Receiving something that you didn't order you know there's a couple of things that go through your mind," Adams said. "Are they going to try to charge me for this? What do I do with it?"

As some begin to wonder why the Postal Service keeps delivering these packages, both Webster Police and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office say to contact them immediately, especially if you receive seeds from China in the mail.

They say do not plant the seeds, or throw them away. They will collect it and will turn them over for testing at the New York State Department of Conservation, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

As for the sunglasses?

"I just don't trust something I didn't buy," Adams said.

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