Community members have mixed reaction to New York’s April Snow

Raven Brown
Updated: April 21, 2021 05:23 PM
Created: April 21, 2021 04:18 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Many are calling this the "let's mess with you one last time" blast from the weather and while some were surprised, many seized the day.

Six-year-old Ruth and her 3-year-old brother Holden are all about the snow.

“I love the snow, I eat the snow, and I throw snowballs at everybody,” Holden said. 

His sister agrees. 

“I love snow so much that I eat it anywhere I see it,” Ruth said. 

Their mom, Katie Banta, said while it's a little odd to see it this late in April—warm one day then snowing the next—getting outside and to Highland Park was worth every second.

“I have to be honest I didn't want to come, because I was just like maybe we should just make chili soup and be warm,” Banta said. “But I’m glad we did and it's amazing and I did want to come here and take pictures."

She wasn't the only one who had that idea. As snow covered the budding lilacs and magnolias, the phones came out to capture the memory.

“I do not like the cold,” Kris Green said. “My feet are soaking wet but I think I got some good shots."

Unlike little Ruth and Holden, Green wasn't thrilled about the snow but can appreciate the beauty. 

“I know it's not going to stick around so I can stand it,” Green said. 

People down the street on Park Avenue also enjoyed the winter wonderland. 

“You’re very ambitious if you put away all your winter gear,” Charon Sattler-Leblanc said. “I actually had my winter hat sitting in the back of the car so we're just always prepared. It's always a brave moment when you put the snow brushes away.”

Sattler-Leblanc found her snow boots and took a walk in the neighborhood this April Wednesday with her friend Jeremy.

“I didn't think it would be this much, and this beautiful and picturesque it really is kind of like Currier and Ives snow for a little picture postcard from the turn of the century,” Jeremy Tjhung said. 

A late snowfall just two weeks away from May, but for those who've lived here awhile say it's nothing new and might as well embrace it. 

“You know I’ve lived in Rochester for a long time so we kind of go with it and our standing joke is 'Wait 20 minutes,'” Sattler-Leblanc said.

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