Rochester Eclipse: What is the path of totality?

Rochester Eclipse: What is the path of totality?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — What is the path of totality during the solar eclipse? What cities besides Rochester will be on the path?

As News10NBC has reported, Rochester will be on the path of totality on April 8 starting at 3:20 p.m. David wrote to us asking: “What is the exact path of the solar eclipse?”

The path of totality is the path of the moon’s shadow on the Earth. If you’re in the path during the eclipse, the sun will appear completely covered by the moon.

In the U.S., Texas will be the first state to see the eclipse within the path of totality. From Texas, the path heads northeast to other major cities like Little Rock, Indianapolis, and Cleveland.

Once it reaches Western New York, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse all fall within the path, which is more than 100 miles wide. From here, the path continues north to parts of Vermont and Maine. If you live outside the path of totality, you will still see the eclipse, but it’ll be a partial eclipse.

The duration of totality will be different depending on your location within the path. The City of Rochester will go dark for 3 minutes 38 seconds. Syracuse, which is closer to the edge of the path, will get 1 minute and 29 seconds in totality.

According to NASA, the longest duration of totality will be 4 minutes and 28 seconds. That’s way down south in an area of Mexico. You can see News10NBC complete eclipse coverage here.

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