Some ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s for eclipse day

Some dos and don’ts for safety’s sake on eclipse day

Some dos and don'ts for safety's sake on eclipse day

Part of our work over the last several months preparing for the total solar eclipse on Monday has been to learn from those who’ve been through this before.

The police chief in Greenville, South Carolina, which experienced a total solar eclipse in 2017, had a list of dos and don’ts. We think they work here, so here they are:

— Do not view the eclipse or wear eclipse glasses while driving — don’t “eclipse and drive.”

— Do not pull over on the shoulder of the road — if someone is driving down the road and they decide to view the eclipse, you may be in their path. Find a parking lot.

— Do not livestream or send pictures from your cell phone while the eclipse is unfolding; you’ll bring down the cell service.

— Identify a meeting location with any of your fiends or family who are gathered with you, in case you get separated.

— Fuel your vehicle in advance to avoid getting stranded.

— Don’t flood 911 with “general update” questions.