Rochester’s Roots: Frederick Douglass

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — News10NBC celebrates Black History Month by honoring the people and places that have paved the way for many in the Rochester area.

Born into slavery with a great escape. Frederick Douglass, the famous abolitionist and writer, moved to the Flower City in 1843 after fleeing Maryland.

Rochester is where he created an anti-slavery newspaper, “The North Star.” There is a historic marker at the site of his first home in Rochester on Alexander Street. There are 13 additional Frederick Douglass statues up across the area.

After seven decades in a quiet corner, his original statue now sits closer to the road along South Avenue at Highland Park.

In 2019, the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives moved from Atlanta to Rochester to continue his legacy, which is still inspirational today.

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