Rochester’s Roots: The Honorable Judge Nicole Morris

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — News10NBC celebrates Black History Month by honoring the people and places that have paved the way for many in the Rochester area.

She overcame the odds and became the youngest Rochester City Court Judge ever elected.

Nicole Morris grew up in poverty and lost her dad at a young age. She watched her uncle get arrested when she was only 11—a moment that shaped her life.

Nicole knew what she wanted to do. Her journey to a judgeship began at School Number 2. Teachers were so invested they encouraged her well into adulthood. She graduated from John Marshall High at 16.

Years later at the University at Buffalo Law School, she’d cross the stage with a doctor of jurisprudence and in 2020, she was sworn in as city court judge.

From a Rochester child of want to the woman who wears the robe, the Honorable Judge Nicole Morris is a part of Rochester’s Roots.

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