82nd Monroe Invitational golf tournament brings big names to Rochester

ROCHESTER, NY (WHEC) – The 82nd Monroe Invitational is less than a week away. The longstanding amateur tournament each year includes some of the best golfers right now or ones on the rise.

Tiger Woods is one of the largest names in the golf universe that played at the Monroe Invitational back in 1993. This year they’ve invited Lev Grinberg the 200th best golfer in the world. Monroe Invitational Tournament Chair, Mason Grower, says this tournament’s main goal is to bring the best to Rochester.

“Our stated goal as a community and hosting this event is to continue to have the top players from around the world come play in this event,” says Grower. He went on to say “it’s parenally the biggest golfing event I think in Rochester that maybe a lot of people don’t
know about.”

Grinberg is a fifteen year old from Ukraine and is looking to continue making his mark on this sport. Last year as a fourteen year old he made the cut in a DP World Tour event. One thing Grinberg mentions and speaks about is the differences in courses between Europe and America. He isn’t used to playing on courses with rough and it’s a new level of challenge for him as he says it’s not something they have in Europe.

“The course is very nice. I think it’s very very challenging,” says Grinberg, “If you miss the green by 1 foot your ball will go missing down in these huge roughs and that’s what we don’t have in Europe so that will be a huge challenge.”