Former Syracuse Men’s Basketball coach Jim Boeheim attends Bills Training Camp

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WHEC) – Kicking off the last week of Bills Training Camp, they closed off the practice from fans on Monday.

The Bills organization still invited some popular faces including the recently retired head coach of the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team, Jim Boeheim. Along with Boeheim was his wife, Juli, and their son, the former Orange basketball player, Jimmy.

The Boeheim family is well-known in upstate New York for their family’s athletic talent and presence in the basketball world. Boeheim retired this past season after 47 years as head coach of Syracuse

Since retirement, it’s been unsure what Jim Boeheim has been up to in his personal life, but it seems he was more than happy to come to Rochester for the day.

“You fish one day and you golf one day and when you can’t catch fish and you can’t hit golf balls, I’m happy to be up here. This is pretty good,” said Boeheim.

As a basketball coach, Boeheim was asked on his thoughts on the team and the Bills organization. Boeheim spoke on the differences between the sports.

“I like the organization and the way they do things. We’re not quite that organized in basketball. We’re a little bit more spontaneous,” said Boeheim.

Fishing and golfing isn’t exactly on Jimmy Boeheim’s agenda. Jimmy has just returned back from his first season playing professional basketball overseas in Europe. According to Jimmy’s dedication to watching the Bills, there is no doubt he’s a Bills fan.

“I’m usually overseas in Europe staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning to watch the game so being up here is so awesome,” said Jimmy.

Not only is Jimmy a Bills fan but he’s a huge Josh Allen fan.

“It’s so cool, he brings so much joy to all Bills fans that get to watch him week in and week out so to be out here watching him up close is really great,” said Jimmy.

The Boeheim’s continue to be active in the upstate New York area. Jimmy just finished playing his second summer season in The Basketball Tournament for Boeheim’s Army. Jim Boeheim always attends those games to support the team.

The last day of Bills Training Camp will be Thursday, Aug. 10 and fans are welcome as long as they have a ticket to get in.