2023 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Day 1: Stefon Diggs back and ready to work

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WHEC) – Wednesday morning was the kick off to the Buffalo Bills Training Camp and fans were able to see some new faces take the field but of course some familiar faces as well.

Stefon Diggs was a major sight for many fans today as his place on this team seemed unknown due to his appearances, or rather lack of appearances, this offseason.

Diggs, Bills wide receiver and captain, was under the radar for a while during this offseason and the last time anyone heard or saw him was at an emotional and intense ending to last season. Diggs’ final steps off the field after their playoff loss showed lots of frustration with the team and the coaching staff.

As the offseason went on, there were no signs of Diggs. About a month ago the Bills hosted their minicamp, which is mandatory for all players to attend according to the NFL. A lot of ruckus hit the media as Diggs was a no show on day one.

According to Diggs, other Bills players, and head coach Sean McDermott, Diggs was at the practice facility in Orchard Park during the minicamp and long conversation were held. Some of the thoughts consisted of Diggs possibly being upset with his place in the offense.

“That’s insane,” said Diggs. “For me to just want more say in the offense is crazy because I play receiver. I don’t care what play is called and I can’t just walk up there and say call this. It’s a lot of outlandish obvious things that people were throwing out there and people were saying things like I don’t like my roll.”

“I’ve been a captain on this team for three years there’s no question about my role,” said Diggs.

Finally, Wednesday morning, Diggs was fully suited up and it seems that all the chaos caused by the unknown of his status with the team has been put to rest.

“From a standpoint of a head coach I have the utmost respect for him (Sean McDermott). He’s a guy that you can always have an open door policy with, that you can have a conversation with as a man most importantly not just a football player,” said Diggs.

“I feel like we’re on the same page moving forward that’s why I said it’s all water under the bridge. I know you guys haven’t spent too much time with me this offseason, I miss you guys but all is well in the mafia household,” said Diggs.

Diggs was asked a lot on his work ethic and the amount of time he spends working out in the offseason. He quickly reacted to all of those questions with confidence in his talent and leadership role on the Bills.

“Who I am as a player, how hard I work. Those things never had question marks,” said Diggs. “You can’t say the same thing for a lot of other players in the league. How hard I work, you can see it out there and my teammates speak highly of me in that regard especially because I’ve been a captain since I’ve gotten here.”

Diggs and the rest of the Bills will be practicing at St. John Fisher through Aug. 10.