O.C. Brady: Holding Josh Allen back isn’t a good idea

The Bills continue practicing ahead of Sunday’s divisional round against the Kansas City Chiefs. And we know Josh Allen is a transcendent talent — so much so that he may have just proved his offensive coordinator wrong.

After the game on Monday, we found out that O.C. Joe Brady was yelling in his headset for Allen to get down on the 52-yard touchdown run cause there were a bunch of defenders around…

When he met the media Thursday, that tone may have changed …

Brady said Allen proved him wrong and that when you try to hold Josh back, it’s probably doing a disservice. And he called him a human eraser in that he makes bad plays or play calls work.

Allen ran for a career-high 15 touchdowns in the regular season. That was tied for the second-most in the league.

And Brady doesn’t seem to have a problem with him playing that style in the postseason.

“It’s the personality that we want Josh to play with at all times. Right. And, you know, we always say, hey, be you with us. And, you know, when he’s playing like this, when he’s playing confidently and just kind of having a lot of fun, you know, if he’s scoring a touchdown inflection, that means good things are happening, right. And so, you know, whatever that is, regardless of the game, you know, it’s always fun to see,” Brady said.