East United boy’s lacrosse: Power in numbers

East United boy’s lacrosse: Power in numbers

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The United in East United boy’s lacrosse stands for more than a name on a jersey. Students from East, World of Inquiry, Monroe, School of the Arts, and Eastridge, make up one boy’s lacrosse team.

“It’s a beautiful thing. It’s like poetry and the person who does it is actually an amazing guy I look up to. He’s a mentor in every way,” said senior George Naoum.

When London Booker took over the team, it was far from poetic. A handful of schools learning how to play together couldn’t happen overnight.

“Lacrosse is more than just an individual sport, so we kind of struggled putting it all together. There’s a lot of talent, but we couldn’t mesh,” said senior Nkodia Ndongala.

In 2018, they only won two games all season. It was really all about learning the basics. Now it’s over with the basics. This team has won 11 games already this season, which is the most in program history. And their coach is pushing them like never before.

“Our head coach Booker really decided to step on the gas in the beginning of the season. We improved a bunch this year,” said Naoum.

“It’s really special being able to bring this team to the level where we’re competitive with Class A. Yeah, we lose to Greece, but it was by one point. It’s just nice being able to build that,” said Ndongala.

Right now, East United boy’s lacrosse is preparing for the Class A Sectionals, which start on Tuesday. But there’s another game plan for the future stars of this program.

“Having them be involved in ways that are smart for the sport. That way next year they pass it on, and we just keep doing better, and better, and better,” said Ndongala.

Trust the process. Only this time, it’s actually working.