Ken Dorsey apologizes for viral reaction to Bills loss

BUFFALO, N.Y. – When the Buffalo Bills lost to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, tensions were flaring. It was a game between two AFC East rivals. Players had traded words throughout. And, the Bills lost in the most frustrating of ways, not being able to spike the ball for one last play.

First year Bills offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, might have been more upset about the loss than the number one Bills superfan out there. A viral moment was caught on camera as Dorsey proceeded to smash his tablet, and throw his playbook, and notes all around, creating a pretty meme-able scene.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the video to blow up on Twitter, so when Dorsey addressed the media on Monday, that was the first topic of conversation.

“Obviously it’s a passionate game. There’s a lot of passion involved. You’ve got a burning desire, and will, to win through your team, and put your guys in the best position,” said Dorsey.

Obviously, the new man in charge of the offense takes some responsibility for the failed fourth quarter comeback. He also vowed to be better in heat of the moment situations from here on.

“It’s something that I’m definitely going to remember moving forward, and make sure that it’s something I learn from,” said Dorsey.

Throughout his tenure with the Bills, Dorsey has been known as a competitor, on Sunday, it was just more extreme.