Naples high school diver breaking records with help of her mom

NAPLES, N.Y. (WHEC) – Naples high school might be in a small Finger Lakes town, but there’s nothing minute about Sadie Gursslin’s accomplishments.

The 8th grader set a school record for 11 dives with a score of 314.85. It had stood for 22 years, but now it belongs to Gursslin.

“It was really exciting. I actually didn’t know that I had broken it at the time but then the next day when I came to school I just checked it, and it was a good moment,” said Gursslin.

Gursslin’s been working toward records like that since she was five years old. Her mom – who is also her coach – said one day after practice, she noticed the divers and wanted to try that for herself.

Now, Gursslin’s trying to master her different types of dives.

Naples Diver Sadie Gursslin breaking records

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“I learn them like progression, so I’ll start with something simple like my front dive tuck and then I’ll go onto a front flip,” said Gursslin.

But for Gursslin it’s still all about looking to perfect all of her dives and her coach knows exactly how to make sure she’s improving in all of those areas.

“There’s not as much mom-daughter as there is a lot of just coach-athlete,” said her mom and coach, Courtney Gursslin.

Gursslin says having her mom as her coach doesn’t distract her at all and if anything it helps.

“I actually love having her as a coach because she can do my hair, but she can also, there’s more of a connection,” said Gursslin.

Gursslin’s mom makes sure to give her tips after each dive on an iPad that can slow them down frame by frame. That gives her something to work on to try and get them down to a science.

“We have goals,” said Courtney Gursslin. We always tell her, be the best Sadie that you can be.”

“I want to continue to get first or second in leagues every year,” said Sadie Gursslin. “And maybe one day winning Sectionals.”

Gursslin’s name is already in the record books, and pretty soon, it might be on every page.