Buffalo Bills hold on for 14-9 win over Giants

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WHEC) – The Buffalo Bills and New York Giants meet on Sunday Night Football, broadcast on News10 NBC.

Buffalo Bills 3rd quarter takeaways

Jackson Roberts: Long drive finally gets Bills on the board

It seems as if a majority of this quarter was Buffalo methodically moving the ball downfield, which they’d capitalize on to start the 4th quarter. A good – and long – drive put together by the Bills.

Mat Mlodzinski: Tempers flaring, Bills offense glaring

A massive fight near the end of the 3rd quarter summed up a night that’s been slow due to penalties, injuries, and tensions being high. But regardless, the Bills cashed in to open the 4th quarter, taking their first lead of the game.

Buffalo Bills halftime takeaways

Jackson Roberts: Penalties getting in the way

Buffalo is its own worst enemy with penalties, missed opportunities, and allowing the Giants to move the ball down the field. I’m definitely not used to seeing this offense shut out in the entire first half of a game.

Mat Mlodzinski: Missing Brian Daboll much?

The Buffalo Bills have zero points at halftime. The head coach of the New York Giants is Brian Daboll. Think that doesn’t correlate at least a little bit? I’m not saying Daboll is a genius, but he knows Allen’s tendencies and the Bills roster practically inside and out. It’s having an effect on what Buffalo does on offense.

Buffalo Bills 1st quarter takeaways

Jackson Roberts: Bills offense struggling

Bills are keeping up the tempo defensively, but having trouble on the offensive side. It’s not the start I envisioned from that side of the ball, but plenty of game left.

Mat Mlodzinski: Bills defensive front taking advantage of Giants O-Line

With so many players out and moving pieces on the New York offensive line, the Bills defensive front is taking advantage. Buffalo entered the week with the most team sacks in the NFL, and in the first quarter, they already sacked Tyrod Taylor twice.