No yelling! Sean McDermott talks coaching style

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – Bills head coach Sean McDermott is a true professional, and that means having his own distinct coaching style.

Heading into Buffalo’s week two game against the Las Vegas Raiders, McDermott’s coaching is a hot topic. He’s already tasked himself with calling shots on the defensive side. Now, he’s trying to be a positive influence on Josh Allen.

But yelling? Not his way of going about things.

“When you were younger, when I was growing up, you were yelled at. That was the one way. You were yelled at and you were expected to get it corrected,” said McDermott.

But McDermott doesn’t use that same style as head coach of the Bills. Instead, he has a forward thinking mind, and mentioned how technology and other resources can help.

He also knows his quarterback.

“I think the other piece is knowing the player and knowing the person,” said McDermott.

As Josh Allen’s turnover problem has become a national talking point, it will be interesting to see if McDermott’s style will pay off.