Pittsford Sutherland softball looking to overcome odds in Regionals

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WHEC) – Making it to Regionals wasn’t on the Pittsford Sutherland softball preseason Bingo card.

“Our first two games we thought it wasn’t gonna be the best but right when we stepped on the field it felt like a new group that was together,” said junior Hannah Glanton.

A group that went 15-4, but with an obvious curveball. After an injury, it left them with only one senior to look to for advice. They adapted.

“A lot of the juniors and people that have been playing, even though they’re not seniors and older, they’re still taking up leadership positions and we’re still able to fulfill that role I think,” said sophomore Gabby Lyons.

“I’m really proud of how far they’ve gotten and even though I won’t be on the team next year, they’re just gonna keep getting better so I’m excited for that,” said senior Ava Geglia.

But with a chance to keep this season rolling, there’s one more thing in their way.

Typically Pittsford Sutherland softball practices on their regular grass softball field. But Webster Schroeder, where the regionals are being held, is a turf field, so Friday’s practice was a little bit of a makeshift practice.

“It’s helpful that we can play on turf because it’s a lot different than a softball field and on the dirt field. But it’s different no fence, if someone hits it far our outfield is running for miles,” said Lyons.

“It definitely helps I feel like, just because the ball bounces so differently on turf,” said Geglia.

Cleary, the Knights don’t care for excuses. All they care about is staying alive.

“We are not taking anything for granted and we are going out tomorrow playing our best,” said Glanton.

Saturday at 12:30, Pittsford Sutherland softball will take on Iroquois for a berth in the State Semifinals.