Preparations for the PGA at Oak Hill Golf Club are in the final stretch

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — We’re now only seven months away from the PGA Championship returning here to Oak Hill Golf Club. It’s the final stretch of getting things ready for the tournament.

That includes construction on the course grounds and ticket availability for the third week in May. PGA Championship Director Bryan Karns explained it in only a way sports fans in Western New York would understand.

“The demand, the interest, is similar to maybe what you’re seeing with the Bills right now,” Karns said. “It’s great because I think people can connect with that. When the Bills, the rest of the season have a big Monday night game, certainly when they get into the playoffs, and ultimately win the Super Bowl, we hope, that demand is gonna be there. It’s gonna dictate everything that the bills do and so we’re no different in that way, but obviously we want to deliver an experience that everybody can be a part of.”