Rochester Red Wings: Matt Adams balancing MLB journey with AAA leadership

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – It takes a big heart and a small ego, to be in Rochester Red Wings first baseman Matt Adams shoes.

“We talked about it in Spring Training, just knowing that if I didn’t make the team out of Spring Training that I was gonna be in the veteran role, leadership role here with these guys in Triple A,” said Adams.

The veteran big leaguer has the tools to be playing for the Washington Nationals. But since they’re looking to develop prospects for the future, Adams is in Triple A, playing for the Rochester Red Wings.

“He means a lot. He takes care of a lot of things in the clubhouse that I don’t have to take care of. He’s a World Series Champion, a proven baseball player at the highest level that you can play at,” said manager Matt LeCroy.

For a guy who has a World Series ring and over 600 hits in the majors, he doesn’t act like a guy who got dealt a raw deal.

“By helping them, I think it helps me simultaneously. Just showing up to the field ready to go and just staying present,” said Adams.

“The team chemistry with him around has been great on and off the field,” said first baseman Travis Blankenhorn. “He was DHing and I was kind of in poor position. He told me, “hey, scooch over,” and he was helping me from the bench.”

That doesn’t mean Adams wants to be in Triple A. He’s looking to get back to the big leagues. And when he does, he’ll have a role waiting for him there too.

“He’s not here to coach, but even if he goes to the big leagues now on our big league team, he would be a leader in that clubhouse,” said LeCroy

The road to the show is different for everyone. Matt Adams is taking it in stride.