Rochester’s Dontay Caruthers looking to help Blue Colar U. repeat The Basketball Tournament

SYRACUSE, NY (WHEC) – The Basketball Tournament is back yet again this summer and one aspect of this world-famous tournament is the winning prize. It is a one million dollar – winner takes all – cash prize to whichever team goes home champions. A player from Rochester is familiar with that big win.

Dontay Caruthers is playing his second season with the Blue Collar U, the University at Buffalo Alumni team. Caruthers helped lead Blue Collar U the TBT Championship last year. A repeat would make them the first team to win multiple titles.

Blue Collar U played its first game on Monday, beating Big 5, 78-77. They advance to the quarterfinals on Wednesday night.

On top of UB’s alumni team, there is always the beloved Boeheim’s Army.

Boeheim’s Army has been a staple since The Basketball Tournament originated back in 2014. They took home their first championship in 2021.

Boeheim’s Army won their 1st round game on Monday against Team Gibson from Chicago, 99-83. With the win, they advance to the quarterfinal round Wednesday night against The Nerd Team.

It’s the second season that an actual Boeheim is competing for the Boeheim’s Army. Jimmy Boeheim is back home from his ten-month long season overseas in Europe. Boeheim plays professional basketball across the pond after playing in one summer league with the Detroit Pistons. If Boeheim’s Army and Blue Collar U advance to their Syracuse regional championship game, then they would face off against each other on Friday at 9p.m.