St. John Fisher women’s basketball sisters leading unique team chemistry

Sister Act: St. John Fisher women’s basketball

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The St. John Fisher women’s basketball team plays like a family, and maybe that’s because they sort of are one.

“Kelly and I have played together our whole lives in basketball. I’m just really lucky to be able to have – she’s my favorite person – so to be able to have her come and play with me in college is really important and it’s really special,” said junior Katie Moravec.

Identical twins Katie and Kelly Moravec said they came as a recruiting package. Now they’re living their dream inside Manning & Napier Gymnasium. And they have a sixth sense that gives the Cardinals an edge on the court.

“I feel like we can look at each other, and either if it’s a play we want to draw up or something we want to do like a screen, she knows what I’m thinking and what we want to do, so I think it’s really helpful and it’s what’s lead to our success as a team as well,” said Kelly Moravec.

“A lot of people say when they’re watching us, I can tell you guys have your twin powers on the court and off the court,” said Katie Moravec.

But if one set of twins wasn’t enough, there’s another set of sisters on the same Cardinals squad. And there’s no doubt their chemistry is natural.

“We always laugh like literally this morning we both showed up to the gym wearing the same clothes. We don’t live together either so we both do a lot of stuff very similar,” said graduate student Alexandra Tomasso.

And like the Moravec twins, the Tomasso sisters also cherish getting to share the court together.

“I always wanted to go to school with Al from the start, so just having her here is awesome, and then our whole family can come to the games, it’s just wholesome,” said junior Sidney Tomasso.

“Yeah, everyone in our family’s so excited,” said Alexandra Tomasso.

So far, the sister superpowers are paying off. The Cardinals are 7-2 and favorites to three-peat as Empire 8 champs. And as two families go, so does the whole team.

“Having two sisters on the team, it kind of not forces, but influences a lot of the teammates to become closer, and that’s how we created this close-knit family together,” said Kelly Moravec.

“I feel like the support we have for each other bleeds off onto everyone on the team and just makes it an overall better experience for everyone,” said Alexandra Tomasso.

The bond of a team, and the love of sisters can never be broken.