Upstart U Prep golf team has unique beginnings

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – Earlier in the year, U Prep 12th grade administrator Michael Perkins wanted to start a U Prep golf team.

“I put up a flier around the school and got a bunch of interest within the first couple of days,” said Perkins.

Of course, you need certain equipment to play golf. U Prep golf had next to nothing.

“No clubs, no golf balls, no golf tees, anything,” said Perkins.

Primetime 585, a non-profit that does work in local sports, decided to try and make that happen. It didn’t take long for the community to step up.

“It’s really special. I think we got almost 10-thousand dollars worth of equipment. Polos, golf balls, clubs, everything,” said Perkins.

“I really appreciated it. I think the team appreciated it too, because that’s a big thing for us. We really didn’t have much equipment. Next thing you know we got everything we need,” said senior Mekhi Bradford.

The effort by the local community paid dividends.

Student athletes like Bradford hit the ground swinging. Almost every member of the team had never hit a golf ball before joining the team. But only a month and a half later, it’s coming together.

“At first we weren’t really used to it, didn’t really know much what we were doing. Now we’re out here officially,” said Bradford.

“We’ve got kids that are actually hitting shots. I gotta tell them all the time, guys we’re on a golf course. They’re like screaming because they’re so excited with how well they’re hitting the ball. The progress is absolutely crazy,” said Perkins.

Right now, the Griffins are a JV team, but coach Perk tells me the ultimate goal is to turn his program into a competitive varsity squad. Bradford his a senior, so this is his only go-around with the team, but he’s also got something in store.

“Maybe after a few years of college I can come back and see how the team is and help them out a bit,” said Bradford.

Bradford will play in his first career match next week.