Webster Thomas boy’s lacrosse: Head coach Ruller celebrates 250th win

Webster Thomas head coach Rob Ruller posts 250th career win

Webster Thomas head coach Rob Ruller posts 250th career win

WEBSTER, N.Y. — There’s a lot of things to like about Rob Ruller. It’s probably why he’s picked up a quarter of a thousand wins at Webster Thomas boy’s lacrosse.

“His passion, probably. He loves the sport. I don’t think there’s anything he’d rather do than out here coaching us, and helping us improve and making this program stronger,” said senior Jagger Altiere.

“Helped me become more of a leader. He really stresses on the little things,” said senior Craig McEneany.

Ruller’s players notice the impact – but he’s a bit more bashful.

“I still love learning, really. I don’t know everything. I never thought I did. I never feel like I’m the man or anything like that,” said Ruller.

As far as the milestone goes, there’s two ways to think about it.

“It means a lot. He’s a great coach. I’m glad I’ve been able to play for him. 250 wins is really special,” said McEneany.

“Sure, it’s an accomplishment that we all did. The whole program. It’s not me. It has nothing to do with me. I do my job and they do their job and we do it together and hopefully we can be successful for a long time,” said Ruller.

When you talk about sports milestones, getting your 250th win is as big as a sports accomplishment as they come. But coach Ruller says his biggest win doesn’t even have to do with beating another team.”

“I saw the youth guys this weekend. I have quite a few kids that I’ve coached that are now high school coaches,” said Ruller. “That’s the win.

“He tells stories about where he’s talking to alumni still to this day. That’s something special. That’s not like that in every program around so that’s definitely really cool and I’m looking forward to that in the future,” said Jagger.

Ruller also told me the losses can hurt more than the wins bring happiness. Obviously, he gets his joy from outside the lines.