Brothers using logs to stay in shape for football season

Rich Donnelly
Updated: April 06, 2020 11:32 PM
Created: April 06, 2020 10:27 PM

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — In this era of social distancing, gyms are closed and nobody's allowed to gather in large groups. 

While we're a long way from football season, now is the time that many football players put in the hard work to get ready for the season.


So what's a football player to do? Two brothers believe they have the answer.

This is what a normal football practice is like: A large group of players, together, and way closer than six feet from each other.  

These days, for the Ribis brothers, football practice involves a lot of mud and logs.

"The gym's been closed for three weeks now, start to get creative ways to stay active and not lose strength so we have heavy logs to challenge us and lots of conditioning too,” Nathaniel Ribis said.  

That's right, this is a workout seemingly straight out of Rocky IV, where log flipping, pushing and lugging becomes the heart of this football workout for Nathaniel and his younger brother, Robert.

"Way different, way different,” Robert said. “You usually push a sled, or lift a lot of weights or run a lot, here you push a log forever."  

The brothers are going through these workouts with their uncle, Andy Walker, at his house.  

Walker has experience coaching bodybuilders and has these linemen going through drills to build up strength.

"Doing stuff with logs and stuff with unbalanced weights helps muscles you don't use often," older brother Nathaniel said.  

And while pulling a 600-foot rope or carrying a tree trunk from mailbox to mailbox is difficult, it's also a beneficial activity that gives these kids something to do.

"It feels good to not be cooped up inside all day,” Robert said. “Feels good to get out and exercise, the gyms have been closed for a while so it gives us a good chance to get out and lift."

And move some lumber in the process.

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