Girls play basketball with the boys varsity team at Honeoye Central High School

Carly Mascitti
Updated: December 06, 2019 06:46 PM
Created: December 06, 2019 06:10 PM

HONEOYE, N.Y. (WHEC) — Honeoye Central High School's Gabby Trippi and April Washburn have been playing basketball all their lives. 

However, this season is a little different than ones prior because they're suiting up with the boys.


"They didn't have enough girls numbers to have a varsity team this year. We tried merging with a couple other schools and that didn't pan out," Honeoye Head Basketball Coach Robb Delisanti said. "So they asked if they could participate with the boys varsity, and we said, 'Sure. Love to have them.'"

The girls were relieved to know they'd be hitting the hardwood this season after all.

"I was really nervous, but I was also pretty excited because it was a new experience and I love the sport of basketball, so any chance to keep playing it got me excited," Washburn said.

"I've grown up with all of these boys, and they're some of my best friends,” Trippi said. “Our chemistry has already been close, but playing with them and seeing them every day at practice and just playing one of our favorite sports together, I think it's drawn us closer."

This pre-existing chemistry made for an easy transition. 

"There's no, 'Oh no, there's a girl on the team!' We're just friends. Whenever we're confused or we need help, they're immediately willing to help us," Washburn said. "There's no problems at all because we know them."  

"They're super competitive. The junior class is a very close-knit group of kids. They've been friends since pre-school, so they all get along great. They have fun, and they compete and they go hard," Delisanti said.

Although the girls playing on the boys team is the “new normal” for the Bulldogs, other teams are still adjusting.

"What surprised me was the looks we get when we come into a different school for games and scrimmages and stuff like that," Trippi said. "People are surprised. They're like, 'Oh, there are girls on the team!' It's strange."

Trippi and Washburn will have another chance to take the court on Friday night against Lima Christian.

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