A free way to keep your dog safe from parvovirus, offered by City of Rochester

Vaccine clinics held for canine parvovirus

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We’ve told you about the parvovirus outbreak at Rochester Animal Services that killed 11 dogs.

Now the City of Rochester is offering options for people to protect their pets.

The city is putting on a free parvovirus and distemper vaccine clinic for dog owners who live in the city. News10NBC caught up with a few of them today.

“There’s parvo out in the environment, and most of the time it ends up being fatal. And if you are going to treat it, it’s very lengthy, intensive and very expensive to treat,” Amy Bianchi, community outreach coordinator for Rochester Animal Services, said.

Midnight is one of the many pooches who came to the clinic to get vaccinated. Owner Rebecca Sniatecki brought in Midnight after hearing that her neighbor’s dog contracted parvo.

“So recently, one of our neighbors had a dog that passed away from parvo about a year ago. So just to make sure she’s safe and doesn’t, you know, catch it herself or pass it off to someone else, we’d rather just get the shot when it’s offered, especially for free,” Sniatecki said.

The vaccines are donated to Rochester Animal Services from Petco, and there were a lot of other dog owners, like Sparkle Johnson, taking advantage of the free vaccine.

“No, I just don’t want him to get it. I want to be cautious and … spread awareness that this is very important, that you need to have your dog, you know, shot it up just in case for any reference or reason. Or if they bite someone,” Johnson said.

The shots can be given as early as six weeks, and require three shots total.

The clinics are held at the Rochester Community Sports Complex in Lot C on Smith Street from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every other Friday. No appointment is necessary but you, and your dog, must be city residents.