A new bat dog for the Red Wings; ‘Another dog to carry on Milo’s legacy’

Introducing Bruce, the Red Wings’ new bat dog

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The Rochester Red Wings’ newest member might not be able to steal bases, but he can certainly steal hearts.

Bruce is a 12-week-old golden retriever and is taking after his late brother Milo and learning how to be a bat dog.

The Red Wings first introduced a bat dog at Innovative Field in 2019.

Josh Snyder and his dog Milo were picked for the job. But after four years of fetching bats and earning belly rubs, Milo died earlier this year after an illness.

“I actually thought about getting another dog before Milo got sick. And Bruce’s breeder reached out to me, and it just seemed like it was a meant-to-be situation. So I needed somebody, another dog to carry on Milo’s legacy,” Snyder said.

Milo became beloved, meaning Bruce has some big paws to fill.

“We’re training right now. I mean, we’re just trying to have fun. That’s my biggest thing, is just making it super fun for Bruce. Him having a good time fetching the little mini bats. I have him fetching. That’s, you know, like I said, that’s the biggest thing at this point is just having him, you know, have fun, basically,” Snyder said.

Bruce has been able to explore the whole ballpark and has been meeting all of the staff.

“You know, the biggest thing that I was worried about was being a people person. Obviously, with all, you know, the meet and pats, the fame, everything like that. And I think he’s crushing that,” Snyder said.

Dan Mason, general manager of the Rochester Red Wings, says Bruce is a great brand ambassador.

“We can’t control as the Rochester Red Wings, we can’t control what happens on the field. But it’s our job to make sure that whenever people come to the ballpark, they have fun,” Mason said.

There are 102 days until Opening Day at Innovative Field.

If you want to see updates on Bruce, you can find them at the Rochester Red Wings website here.