Shoppers speak out after man gets beaten to death outside Rochester corner store

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Rochester Police say a man died after he was assaulted outside and inside a convenience store on Jay Street and Glide Street on Wednesday night.

Police say the victim, 61-year-old Terran Felder, tried to escape his attacker only to be chased down inside the store. 

Around 9:30 Wednesday night, the victim was in the parking lot outside the Quick Food Market on Jay and Glide streets. That’s when police say he was assaulted.

The victim tried to get away and ran into the store for help, but the suspect followed him and beat him so badly he died inside the store. His attacker took off.

News10NBC’s Patrick Moussignac spoke with a frequent customer of the store who said there are always people loitering in the parking lot.

“There was always somebody that could’ve stepped in and got between them, or contacted the authorities immediately, because what we do is become accustomed to becoming fans of violence, spectators of violence,” says shopper Ameen McFadden.

“You know it’s sad, you’re killing everybody not thinking about the repercussions. You’re hurting a mother. You’re hurting a bother. You’re hurting a sister, a child, a grandmother. You’re hurting the community in itself,” says Jessenia Costa.

“To have violence occur like that, that seems like it was just a total neglect of the people around here at that time to intervene — especially taking into consideration the age, especially taken into consideration where it started at. If it started in the parking lot, and ended up in the store, or close to the store, it could have been prevented,” McFadden said.

As police continue to search for a motive, this latest homicide is the 35th for the city this year.