Activists in Rochester call for passage of Climate, Jobs, and Justice legislative package

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Climate activists rallied in Rochester to call for the passage of the NY Rewews’ Climate, Jobs, and Justice legislative package.

The activists got together at Washington Square Park on Wednesday. The measures they’re calling for are oriented around the goal of decarbonizing New York State to fight climate change.

The package would require New York to fully fund the New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, build renewable energy infrastructure, and make polluters themselves pay to fund that transition.

“I think it really is time to hold them accountable and show them what they’ve done,” said Anna Grace of Sunrise Rochester. “And not only that, but ask them to give us our piece of the pie, ask them to fund our communities because they’ve been taking away life from our communities for so long.”

NY Renews is pushing for a $10 billion dollar fund for emission reduction programs.