Affordable Connectivity Program available for low-income individuals and families

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Preliminary survey results show that many Monroe County residents do not have access to affordable high-speed internet.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Congressman Joe Morelle spoke Tuesday to remind people that federal financial assistance is now available.

The Affordable Connectivity Program—or ACP—provides qualified households up to $30 a month of internet service bills and a discount of up to $100 for a one-time purchase of a computer, laptop or tablet through participating broadband providers.

The program is funded through the $65 billion Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act passed by
Congress in November 2021. Check your eligibility by visiting or calling (877) 384-

“Monroe county cannot thrive when it does not have access to vital infrastructure. High-speed internet is as essential to today’s economy and living in the 21st century as roads, electricity and indoor plumbing,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello.

Bello also announced that preliminary results from a countywide broadband internet survey will be shared Tuesday night at the Rochester Public Library’s Kate Gleason Auditorium.

The survey is part of ongoing efforts by the Monroe County Broadband Advisory Task Force to develop a plan to guide major infrastructure and program investments in the county, making high-speed Internet services widely available and more affordable.