After 209 cats removed from Gates home in June, owner charged with animal cruelty

Fairport, N.Y. – Lollypop Farm investigators arrested a Gates resident on Monday evening, Reinhardt (Roy) Belke with animal cruelty and neglect in a hoarding case involving over 200 cats. 

Authorities entered the house on June 9 and found many cats in unsafe living conditions. They seized 107 cats immediately and took them to Lollypop Farm, many were in serious need of veterinary care. A total of 209 cats were taken from the home, many were given to Lollypop Farm with the cooperation of Belke and his attorney after the initial investigation. 

“The conditions on the premises were unsanitary and inhumane, the house was filled with excrement and garbage, causing toxic ammonia levels. Our Animal Emergency Response Team and Humane Law Enforcement investigators worked diligently to get these cats out of these horrible conditions and bring them to the safety of Lollypop Farm,” states Vice President of Humane Law Enforcement Reno DiDomenico. “A number of the cats were humanely euthanized as their health conditions were beyond medical treatment, but many of the cats have since been adopted into loving homes within the community.” 

Lollypop Farm Humane Law Enforcement investigators charged Belke with eight counts of overdriving, torturing, injuring animals and failure to provide sustenance, as well as 107 counts of failure to provide proper food and drink to an impounded animal. Belke won’t be charged for cats he willingly surrendered. 

To report suspected animal cruelty, call the Lollypop Farm Animal Cruelty Hotline at (585) 223-6500 or 911 for immediate life-threatening situations.