Although the Bills didn’t play, Rochesterians came out to watch the Super Bowl

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Many Rochesterians celebrated their Super Bowl Sunday enjoying the mostly close-scoring game at their favorite bars, and restaurants. News10NBC talked to some fans at the Old Stone Tavern on South Avenue.

Some of them saying that the best way to watch the game is to get out of the house and enjoy the night with family, and friends.

“If the Bills were in it, there definitely would be like a line down the street, and people looking through the windows. It would be more exciting, that’s for sure,” said Todd Gorzka, Owner of the Old Stone Tavern.

The crowd is certainly a bit smaller, but the atmosphere here at the restaurant is just as exciting for Sunday night’s Super Bowl Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Gorzka is satisfied with the turnout.

“It’s great to see people out, especially with the Buffalo Bills not being in it. You know, I was a little nervous on what the crowd would be, but it’s great. A lot of people in, a lot of take-out. A lot of delivery, so definitely happy with the Super Bowl this year. Definitely up from last year for sure,” said Gorzka.

Besides the food, it’s all about the camaraderie.

“It’s fun. It adds to the ambiance. It’s nice to be in a place where you’re not just in your house watching the game. You’re around other people, and everyone is cheering on. It’s a good time,” said Savannah Berry as she enjoyed the night with a few friends. 

Several bets were also on the line Sunday night.

“We got a couple of dollars on KC tonight. We have a lot of faith in Mahomes, and Kelce of course, the two brothers. I think Travis Kelce is gonna walk home with a ring tonight, and I just hope it’s a close game,” Jordan Murray.

Ben Stein added, “We’re birds fans here. So, we’re rooting for the Eagles. We’re all in green sort of. Eagles, got big money on them.”

For one Bills fan, there’s no animosity with the Chiefs, or Eagles.

“Bills will be back next year. Stronger than ever, I’m sure. I know we just signed another contract with Knox, and waiting to see who else is sticking with us,” said Murray.