American Heart Association hosts CPR training ahead of Bills game in Cincinnati

AHA hosts CPR training event

AMA hosts CPR training event

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Bills mafia is continuing its mission of getting people trained in hands-only CPR.

The American Heart Association held “Heart Beat” in Orchard Park Sunday ahead of the Bills game in Cincinnati. It was run in association with a “Cycle Nation” stationary relay — fighting stroke and heart disease.

“So after Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest we saw a 600% increase on our CPR website. People are interested. They want to learn, and unfortunately right now 7/10 people feel helpless in a cardiac emergency. And I think when they saw that happen on national TV, it made people more aware they wanted to do something and be prepared if they’re called on in a tragedy,” says Lisa Neff with the American Heart Association.

This was the third Heart Beat event held in western New York. It’s part of a five-year $1 million commitment by the Buffalo Bills.