Americans delayed at the border after fiery crash

Travelers delayed at the border

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There are all kinds of people who live in Ontario but are from Rochester and come back here for Thanksgiving.

One of them is Sara Franca, who grew up in Brighton, graduated from Mercy and went to the University of Toronto. She was planning to cross the border and come home on Friday — a return delayed by a fiery crash at the Rainbow Bridge. All four bridges at the border in Western New York were closed.

“Well, it’s frightening. I’m really concerned. I’m really hoping I get to visit my family,” Franca said. “I was supposed to leave Friday night to go down to Rochester, and I have absolutely no idea if the borders will even be open and, if so, how safe will they be? This is really upsetting.”

Since then, all the bridges except the Rainbow Bridge have reopened: the Peace Bridge, Queenston-Lewiston Bridge, and Whirlpool Rapids Bridge. Gov. Kathy Hochul said the Rainbow Bridge would remain closed during the investigation.

Reporter David Zura told News10NBC’s Berkeley Brean that he ran into an American who is stuck on that side of the border. His wife is in New York. Brean asked Zura to describe what he sees on the Canadian side of the Rainbow Bridge.

“What you would say is it’s quiet. Almost too quiet. The reality is all the entrances to the bridge here are closed. We’ve got a police presence,” Zura, from City TV Toronto, said.

Berkeley Brean: Do you see a lot of Americans there trying to get back into the country?

David Zura, City TV Toronto: So what you see right now, if I just take a look around there’s nobody at the border. But the thing we did notice coming in is that there were a lot of U.S. plates on the highway making their way into Niagara Falls.It’s still early in the day so what we’re kind of expecting is later on when people come to Niagara Falls expecting to cross the border back if they were in wine country or Toronto, they might find themselves stranded and have to take a hotel for an unexpected stay.

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