Animal advocate shares how to keep pets safe during extreme weather

ROCHESTER, N.Y. When it’s this cold outside, it’s important to keep your fur babies happy and safe too.

Some of us when we hear of these frigid temperatures, we race to the supermarket and stock up on bread and milk and unintentionally forget about keeping our pets safe in the bitter cold.

Experts say our furry friends need our help staying warm especially in the winter season. Exposure to winter’s dry cold air, snow, and freezing rain can cause chopped paws and itchy flaking skin. But these aren’t the only discomforts our pets can suffer.

The Humane Society at Lollipop Farm says your animals are not acclimated to these types of temperatures and don’t have the ability to keep themselves warm when temperatures dips. So bring them inside! Here’s what to look out for.

“They’ll become lethargic if they’re starting to suffer from the extreme cold,” said Reno DiDomenico, Vice President for Humane Law Enforcement at Lollipop Farm. “You can tell from their paws, you know the discoloration in their paws, if they start to discover discolor on their pads, it could be an indication that they’re receiving too much cold or froth.” “Any type of suspected case of abuse, they should call 911.”