Animal advocates push for anti-tethering laws

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – “The Voiceless of Verona Street Animal Advocates” are urging the Rochester City Council to implement and enforce anti-tethering laws.

Tethering is when animals are tied to a single location for a long period of time, unattended in extremely cold or hot weather. A tethering ordinance limits the amount of time an animal can be left outside in extreme temperatures. Advocates say animals are suffering, some of them even dying, and it’s time for a change.

“There was a post put out about a dog, in a rubbermate tote, left to the curb, dead, looked like it had a horrible ending,” said Zoe Christanis of Voiceless of Verona Street.

Advocates say they want to see animal abusers held accountable for their actions, and it needs to start with a tethering ordinance similar to what Buffalo and Syracuse have in place.