Rochester eclipse: Astrological perspective on the solar eclipse

An astrological perspective on the solar eclipse

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Here’s a fun eclipse angle: the crossover between astronomy and astrology.

You don’t have to be into astrology to appreciate the physical and spiritual elements of something like this. The big event can be symbolic for a lot of things. Like, starting anew, or refocusing on some goals you forgot about.

The eclipse is April 8.

Around 3:20 p.m., the moon will cast a shadow over the entire sun. The Rochester region is right in the path of totality, meaning we’ll experience a moment of pure darkness.

The three minutes of darkness is kind of like a metaphor for self-reflection, according to Nico Lovetro, astrologer with The Spirit Room.

Lovetro said an event like this gives us perspective on the external environment around us, and our place in the universe. It has a way of grounding us, allowing us to reflect on our quality of life and understand things happening in our lives, like relationships, opportunities and health.

It can also symbolize a new beginning. How can we take this time to reflect on ways we can improve?

“I witnessed a solar eclipse in Shanghai in 2009, and that was a pretty powerful experience, and I’m really excited to witness that in my hometown,” said Lovetro.

“Every eclipse or solar eclipse happens during a new moon, and it’s a new moon in Aries,” she said. “And not only that, but we have a bunch of planets including Chiron, which is a profound ability to start fresh.”

It’s also just an opportunity to learn about something new.

The Spirit Room said they’ll be doing all kinds of fun events around that weekend, if astrology is something you’re into.