Asylum-seekers arrive to Rochester ahead of first day of school

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Seventy-one new asylum seekers are now calling Rochester home after arriving from New York City on Tuesday.

Thirty-three adults and 38 children are among the 19 families that arrived ahead of the first day of school.

It’s a situation that French immigrant and Corn Hill resident Quentin Schnider said has his community talking.

“It’s a news. That we talk. Between neighbors. And we all try to figure it out what’s going to be for them and how is it going to change our day-to-day life?” Schnider said.

Schnider said he hopes that ultimately the children will benefit from a difficult situation.

“One, I hope they will get opportunities they didn’t have before. And two, I hope they find a place to make the community better,” Schnider said.

As far as the children go, Rochester City School District Deputy Superintendent of Administration and Support, Ruth Turner, said they are prepared to be cared for.

“We have 10 local agencies that are also supporting the families and our scholars. We are making sure that familiar faces are working with them, greet them as they prepare to attend school,” Turner said.

A critical step after a long journey.

“They’ve been through a lot and to be in a community, whether it’s a school community or the greater Rochester community, and feel like you are welcomed and cared for is super important,” Turner said.

That’s how Schnider hopes all asylum-seekers feel as they contribute to their new home.

“I hope they can bring ideas. resources. skills here. so that’s definitely something that should be checked out,” Schnider said.

Includes reporting from News10NBC’s Briana Collier