Baby love: Seneca Park Zoo welcomes giraffe

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – There is a new member of the family at the Seneca Park Zoo.

Masai giraffe Kipenzi welcomed a calf Wednesday morning, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello announced on X.

In a video he posted, you can see the calf trotting around its enclosure as the other giraffes watch.

The calf’s gender and name have not been revealed.

“The calf appears to be nursing well, is walking normally, and is energetic. We will perform the full ‘new calf’ evaluation once mom and calf have had some time to bond,” zoo veterinarian Dr. Chris McKinney said. “It is important to remember that these first weeks are a delicate time for the calf so we will be monitoring baby and mom closely.”

The zoo’s medical team considered Kipenzi’s pregnancy high risk. She was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and she is being treated for it.

The zoo welcomed Olmsted, or Olmy, in the spring of 2022. Another calf born to Kipenzi last summer was euthanized at just a few weeks old because he had a congenital abnormality.

The Animals of the Savanna exhibit, where the giraffes live, will be closed for a few days to allow for mom and baby to continue bonding.