Bands, Irish dancers, and News10NBC march in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Like so many other cities all across the world, Rochester celebrated its own St. Patrick’s Day with a parade that drew several thousand spectators and marchers through the streets of downtown. The marchers included drum corps, Irish dance schools, fire trucks, floats, and the News10NBC family.

Rochester’s 46th annual St. Patrick’s day parade ended early Saturday afternoon, but for several hours, it was all about bars and restaurants which were packed with revelers.

“We love St. Patrick’s Day, and we would never miss a parade,” said Ali Blades from Henrietta.

The sounds of bagpipes and drumming filled the air along the parade route on this stretch of East Avenue to the delight of those who are truly Irish, and the rest of us who are just Irish for the day.

“It shows that it’s still active. It’s still vibrant. It’s still something going on. It’s nice to see that things are happening downtown. You know we don’t go to sleep until spring,” said Troy Samson from Honeoye Falls.

Green clothing of all types helped keep everyone warm on this mid-March day that’s been long waited for.

Rochester resident Mary Brett added, “It’s just something fun to do, and we haven’t been in a couple years, so we thought we’d come out, and brave the cold.”

Her friend Jean Darling said, “You never know what you’re gonna get weather wise. It could be sunny, and 60, or 8 inches of snow the day before.”

One by one, marchers from Rochester City Leaders to prominent companies in the area showed their support, and love for the area’s Irish community. It’s the one day of the year when Shamrocks are proudly celebrated.

“Cause we’re Irish, and we love to celebrate our heritage, and trying to relay that to my son,” said Blades.

Soon after several young women displayed the proper way to do the Irish Jig, News10NBC employees got their chance to be seen in the parade. St. Patrick’s Day has a special meaning for everyone.

“It’s a big community gathering, and everybody loves to come and be here and celebrate being Irish one day a year,” said Blades.

Her son Jack Freudenvoll also added, “Have a great St. Patrick’s Day everybody.”

Although this was the 46th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the tradition here in Rochester actually dates back to the 1800s.

The parade started on East and Alexander and went past the Liberty Pole. From there, it turned on Main Street and ended at the corner of Fitzhugh Street. Although the weather was in the mid-30s, that didn’t discourage people from coming out.

News10NBC marched in the parade, passing by their station on East Avenue while handing out candy. Spectators saw familiar faces including meteorologist Stacey Pensgen, investigative reporter Jennifer Lewke, and morning anchor Briana Collier. They also got to see behind-the-scenes crew marching in the parade, including TV and web producers, sales department employees, and account executives.

The News10NBC family wishes you a happy St. Patrick’s Day. You can see photos and a video of us marching here: