Bello and Assini on a mission: Monroe County executive candidates make a final push

County executive candiates make final push

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MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. — Two men are fighting to earn your vote to lead Monroe County. Tuesday night, we will know who gets the job.

Polls open at 6 a.m. Tuesday and they will remain open until 9 p.m.

News10NBC is following the big races, including Monroe County executive, and caught up with both candidates Monday afternoon as they hit the pavement and knocked on doors for their final push before Election Day.

Democratic incumbent Adam Bello is fighting to remain Monroe County executive, and Republican candidate Mark Assini is fighting to bump Bello out.

Both candidates spent their final campaign hours before Election Day going door to door encouraging people to come out and vote on Tuesday.

“The reaction in the neighborhood has been great.” Assini said.

“A lot of people are surprised. You don’t get the county executive at your door every day.” Bello said.

Tuesday, Nov. 7, is the big day, Election Day. As the day has gotten closer, Bello has been campaigning all weekend and all day Monday. He explained he is not resting until Tuesday at 9 p.m., when the polls are closed.

“This is the level of government that’s closest to the people, ifyou’ve seen everything over the last four years from the challenges that we’ve faced and we are continuing to face and move forward, whether it’s investing in the sheriff’s office with the deputies, the boots on the ground for the opioid crisis,” Bello said.

In JMonroe County, 61% of races in this election have no opponent — so with many uncontested races, Bello believes the executive election will have an impact on people coming out to vote.

“We have to encourage people that local elections matter. Obviously when races are contested turnout is usually higher than not, right. You have the County Executive race on the ballot and hopefully people will come out tomorrow.” Bello said.

Mark Assini is also on a mission. He said he’s knocked on more than 14,000 doors since the start of his campaign. This is his last chance to earn the vote of people in the county. He believes voter turnout is not expected to be more than last year, but he remains hopeful.

“For the most part the turnout will be low. Who will be turning out tomorrow are the people that are motivated to vote. And people are motivated. People are looking for somebody to change things, to fix things,” Assini said.

There is one thing both candidates agree on, and that is local elections matter.

“They’re very important. Local elections determine the quality of life in your community. If you have a county leader that is willing to take on some of the challenges that we are facing, it will make all the difference in our community,” Assini said.

If you need help finding your polling place or want to check out your ballot before heading to the polls, click this link.