‘Beyond delighted’: New life on horizon for old Crescent Beach Hotel

Greece looks forward to new life for Crescent Beach site

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GREECE, N.Y. — A new life is on the horizon for the former Crescent Beach Restaurant in Greece.

It’s been more than a decade since the place was thriving and in its glory days. According to the town, the new owner hopes to clean it up in time for spring.

The building has been through a lot: flooding, a fire, and several failed deals with potential owners. The town says, not this time around.

Neighbors like Cheri Riley call it an eyesore now, but she feels confident for its new life.

Riley has lived in Greece for 69 years, and recalls those early childhood memories that always stuck with her.

“They used to give us Orange Crush pop, if we would clean the clams outside of the kitchen,” she said.

She says it was the most festive place around the holidays, too.

But the building has been dormant for over a decade. Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich says after Joe Barry retired, the building languished. For over a decade, several deals were killed at the last minute.

“The question none of us have the answer for — why people would come and make fair offers on the property, and at the last minute find a way to kill the deal,” Reilich said.

Reilich says once new owner Katherine Mott-Formicola came along, things changed. She had everything they were looking for: ideas, optimism and, most importantly, perseverance.

“She is a hardworking individual, not afraid to take on challenge. Provides food at Monroe’s, Ridgemont County Club, Bausch and Lomb. Experience in food service, but also in overcoming adversity,” Reilich said.

Plans are to open in time for spring.

Neighbors like Riley just want to drive down the streets to see Christmas lights and families out to Sunday brunch again.

“I am beyond delighted,” she said.

Mott-Formicola plans to host weddings and Christmas parties and bring back old menu items — including seafood and prime rib — and more.