‘Big Three’ auto parts hard to find amid strike

Big Three auto parts hard to find amid strike

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Although our local autoworkers still haven’t joined the nationwide picket line, the strike is causing some major issues for repair shops and their customers.

Parts made by the Big Three automakers are becoming even harder to find, forcing some cars off the road for weeks or even months.

Owners say it’s getting harder for them to find the parts they need, and they’re hoping their cars don’t break down while they wait.

“A lot of places where I go, they’re not having it there due to the fact the strike is goofing them all now,” said Dave Burroughs.

He drives a 2014 Chevy, and finding parts for his car is becoming a major problem. Since he can’t find original equipment parts, otherwise known as OEM parts, he’s looking for aftermarket ones at Nu-Way Auto Parts.

“Like ball bearings, camshafts, wheel bearings, or whatever like that, and ball joints,” said Burroughs.

Sue Sercu wears many hats at the shop, including sorting out the auto parts for customers. She says lots of people who own GM-made cars and trucks are switching to aftermarket ACDelco Parts.

“Yeah, but then you’re, even the ones they’re substituting with, those are getting hard to come by, too, because everybody is going to those,” said Sercu.

As more people look for replacement parts, even Nu-Way is seeing a shortage in some inventory items.

“Probably the hardest thing right now is gonna be filters. Oil filters, those are getting to be a little hard,” said Sercu.

Shops like East Ave. Auto are also feeling the effects from the shortage. Owner Paul Marone says some cars have been at the shop for two-plus weeks.

“Some of the parts have been hard to get where like I said normally, we’ll be able to get it the very next day, and that’s not happening. You got to sort of hunt for the stuff. Hunting for the stuff means you got to ship it from some dealer in California. The price just went up,” said Marone.

He went on to say he’s now paying anywhere from $20 to over $100 for overnight shipping on auto parts alone.

The “Big Three” car parts are hard to find amid the autoworkers’ strike. (Photo: Patrick Moussignac/WHEC)