Bills Fans: Let’s go Buffalo, ready for them to take down the Chiefs in playoffs next round

Buffalo Bills Win

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – From the couch in your house to the stool at the bar. A lot of people were glued to the TV screen for Monday night’s playoff game.

Bills fans and Steelers fans were out in full force Monday night, cheering on their favorite team.

“Bills Mafia. Energy. Let’s go Buffalo,” fans said.

The energy and excitement filled the Pittsford Pub, as hundreds packed the restaurant clapping every time a Bills player scored. 

Kim Campbellcino and Kim Boehm were two Bills supporters amongst the crowd. 

Although Boehm is a Dolphins fan, her husband is a Bills fan, and so is Campbellcino, who she was hanging with and watching the game Monday night with.

“I’m a Dolphins fan but my husband loves the Bills and so do my friends, so I’m here to support them,” Kim Boehm said.

Over at MicGinny’s on the River in Brighton, Steve Reimarr is part of a Steelers fan club that has been meeting there for over a decade and raising money for charities such as the National Alliance for Mental Illness in Rochester.

“It’s not going to be pretty. I’m going to be heartbroken but that’s how it’s got to go. We loose today we’re done,” Reimarr said.

The group has raised $5,000 this season for the charity. Hyman Swartz was another fan at MicGinny’s that was part of the Steelers fan Club. 

He was hoping for a win Monday night but is holding on to faith for a comeback next year. 

“We are losing bad, but we are not going to give up,” Swartz said. 

 Now that the Bills have won Monday’s game, they face the Chiefs next, a team the Bills have lost to previously in the playoffs. What will it take this time for the Bills to beat them for a win?

“Consistency with ball control. With Josh Allen, he’s a gun slinger. He’s out there throwing that ball around, we love him. Just making sure he’s right on target,” Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said.

Baxter was at Bar Bill in Penfield with other fans cheering on the Bills. Some of those fans explained what they believe the Bills need to do to take down the Chiefs.

“Establish the run early and then get play action down the field later in the game. That’s all it takes,” Joe Mosher said.