Body-worn camera footage shows police take down Nashville shooter

NASHVILLE, TN – Metropolitan Nashville Police released video Tuesday of the terrifying moments officers encountered a school shooter Monday.

The edited six-minute long video shows officers making their way through The Covenant School, past kids’ art projects on the walls, as they hunt for the assailant.

That person – Audrey Hale, 28 – was shot and killed inside the building by police.

The footage was taken from cameras worn by Officers Michael Collazo, a 9-year veteran, and Rex Engelbert, a 4-year veteran.

Police say 14 minutes passed between the time calls first came in for the shooter and when Hale was shot and killed by Collazo and Engelbert.

Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney, all age 9; and Cynthia Peak, 61; Katherine Koonce, 60; and Mike Hill, 61 were killed.