Bundling may be in streaming service’s future

Streaming service competitors could be bundling in the future

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Could streaming giants be making changes to meet the needs of consumers?

We’ve all been there. Mom’s favorite reality show is available on Hulu. Your favorite Christmas movie is on Netflix. Dad loves to watch documentaries on HBO. It’s easy to end up with subscriptions to them all, and the cost adds quickly. Families spend an average of $50 a month on streaming services to watch all their favorite shows and movies.

With dozens of different options, price points, and industry players, there’s a lot gong on. But, that could be changing.

Similar to cable television, bundling may be in streaming’s future.

“It’s like, so, 1986. But it makes perfect sense. I mean, streaming comes along, and for a while, you could go to YouTube, you had Netflix. And all of a sudden, if you wanted to just see the shows nominated in the major categories of the Emmy’s, you needed like seven different streaming services. All of a sudden all that money we thought we were going to save on cutting the chord starts getting more and more expensive,” says Robert Thompson with the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture. “So, I think there’s an appeal to all sides for this bundling.”

It won’t be immediate, but companies like Verizon are already offering deals like Netflix and Max with ads, priced at a discount when combined.

“All of these services are responding to more and more disgruntled customers who don’t like how much it’s costing. Enemies have to come together to make customers come to both of them more efficiently. Then those enemies will do just that,” says Thompson.