Cats rescued from Gates home ready for adoption

FAIRPORT, N.Y. – Lollypop Farm is calling on all pet lovers who are looking to provide a loving home for a rescued animal. For weeks now the humane society has been treating well over 160 cats that were removed from a home in Gates.      

Today 20 of these cats are healthy enough to be adopted. There are still 140 cats that will need homes, but staff are excited by the first 20 who are well enough to find a home, and more cats will be added to the adoption list over the next few days.

“With our community together, we’ll be able to find great homes for these guys, and have a less sad outcome,” said Vicki Pape Director of Animal Placement at the humane society.

Cat lovers are already visiting the adoption room at Lollypop Farm one day after 20 of the rescued cats, who were removed from a home in Gates, were medically cleared for adoption.

Canandaigua resident Jennifer Mortier said, “I have always had cats in my house. Always, since I won’t tell you how old I’ll be, but this is the longest I’ve gone. We’ve had to put our last cat down in April so I’m looking for a cat, and I’d love to rescue a cat.”

Pape says most of these felines were treated for upper respiratory issues.

“They all got their flea medication, so they should be good to go, but they have just a little health waiver letting you know that they came from this situation.” She continued, “We may send you home with a couple of little medications for them, but nothing too significant, and your counselor will let you know what your specific cat needs.”

Over 165 cats were living in the home mostly socializing with one other. We asked Pape if it’s a challenge to socialize them with people.

She said, “So there’s varying ranges. So, this guy Alan as you can see, could not get enough of people, and then we have ones that are a little bit more shy, but it depends on the cat you pick.”

The man who owned the cats hasn’t been charged by authorities, but the investigation continues. The humane society says this case underscores the importance of preventing pet overpopulation.

“We also see a ton of kittens coming in this time of year. Even without the case, so it’s important for the whole community to spay, and neuter,” said Pape.

See cats ready for adoption here.