Children’s hospitals in the region swamped with Enterovirus patients

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — As kids transition back to school, COVID is still a concern. But doctors have an eye on “Enterovirus.” Health officials say children’s hospitals around the region have already had patients. Enterovirus is not new. Local doctors say they haven’t seen this virus in a few years. It can cause muscle weakness and paralysis in kids.

Our local pediatricians say children’s hospitals are swamped with cases right now. Symptoms, resemble the common cold, but most doctors talk about the cough. It is severe, and if a child has asthma, it can cause breathing problems.

U of R pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Murray says it’s been close to a decade since this virus made rounds, and cases could rise now that students are back in school.

“The Enterovirus family is not new at all what’s different now is this member of the family if you will this d68 that’s coming around it’s been 8 years since we’ve seen it there are other variations that come around annually but this one is notorious for causing severe respiratory symptoms so our colleagues in primary care and the emergency department are very busy right now.”

Dr. Murray says parents should encourage their kids to wash their hands more often and stay hydrated.