Christmas Day at the airport, the cinema, the Chinese restaurant: It’s all about family

Out and about on Christmas day 2

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While most businesses close their doors on Christmas, not all of them do. News10NBC’s Hailie Higgins spent the morning seeing who’s open on Christmas, and who’s leaving the house.

For many families, staying in your pajamas — and staying home — is a popular tradition.

Others choose Christmas Day to travel, or to go out for Chinese food. Whether it’s dim sum or popcorn at the movies, food was a big part of the day for families I spoke with. But the treats and the travel — and everything else — come second to family.

Arthur Carroll spent part of his Christmas picking up two of his daughters at the Greater International Rochester Airport. It’s the first time in a few years all four kids made it home.

“We kinda do the same thing — we get together, open gifts, have a great meal, and just spend time together,” Carroll said.

Ami Rozzi, her sister and her extended family will be getting a tan at Disney World this winter. It was a gift from her parents to the whole family.

“Definitely getting to be together on the trip is great, still makes it a nice Christmas,” Rozzi said. “Our family is spread out all over, so it’s always been our immediate family, so it’s just nice to have that time together.”

People were flying with Santa hats and stuffed luggage on Christmas Day, whether they were going home for the holidays or headed on vacation.

Even with folks off for the holidays, the Transportation Security Administration has been keeping the lines at the airport nice and short for travelers.

Some folks already in Rochester spend their holidays at the cinema. That’s what husbands Adrian Hale and Reggie White do every year. This year, they were viewing the musical adaptation of “The Color Purple.”

“It was a movie that my mom and dad played every Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I actually brought my mom out today to see the musical,” Hale said.

Once they get home, it’s time to unwind and open some presents. But while the gifts are great …

“The most important thing about the holidays is being with family. Being with the people you love, sharing those experiences, waking up and smiling and seeing folks open up presents, and just having a good time,” White said.

Lori Watson and her family don’t usually come out to theaters on a holiday, but “The Color Purple” is one of her favorites.”

“So I’m just here to see how the movie itself has evolved since the original movie and original cast. And I’m just super excited. And I’m here with my family, and I’m here with my best friend and her family. And we got a row, we got a row and we’re going to enjoy this together,” Watson said.

For some, Chinese food is a Christmas must-have. Some of them fulfilled their craving at White Swan Asia Cafe on South Clinton Avenue. there, Joyce Deng’s parents have been filling holiday orders since they opened in 2011.

“I usually don’t work during the holiday season, and this is my first holiday season – the orders are coming in one after the other. But it’s great, it’s good to know we’re filling empty tummies during the holiday season,” Deng said.

Deng said she and her family will celebrate with their own dinner once the restaurant closes at 9 p.m.

“It’s a blessing to be able to come together during this time and just celebrating what we have now, and how far we’ve come from,” she said.

However you celebrate, all of us at News10NBC wish you a happy holiday season.