UPDATE: City to apply for state funds for improvements at Maplewood, MLK Park, more

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — City Council voted Tuesday to apply for more than $2.7 million in state funding to go toward six projects, ranging from enhancements at Maplewood Nature Center to preserving the 1912 chapel at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

The council voted on applying for the money through the Consolidated Funding Application process. According to the Council’s agenda for tonight’s meeting, a team of city staff created a citywide CFA application plan. Applications are due by July 28.

The projects planned are:

Maplewood Nature Center: Site enhancements, including reducing pavement and restoring more parkland, and enhancing trail connections between the Nature Center, the street and the river gorge. Cost: $1.4 million. State request: $975,000. Local match: $350,000.

Genesee River: Preliminary design for a system to capture tree debris in the river before it reaches Center City, as many large downed trees and limbs get trapped under downtown bridges every year. Cost: $250,000. Local match: $62,500.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park: Designing improvements to fix deteriorating park features at the main entrance, amphitheater, lawn and berm areas, and to improve the streetscape on Chestnut Street, Court Street and Manhattan Square Drive. Cost: $225,000. Local match: $75,000.

High Falls Triphammer Forge: Repairs and drainage improvements to address structural integrity of the northwest wall of the forge. Cost: $670,000. Local match: $170,000.

Mt. Hope Cemetery: Continuing building-stabilization efforts to preserve the structural integrity of the historic 912 Chapel. Cost: $500,000. Local match: $125,000.

Water meter replacement: Replacing city water meters with automatic meter reading systems, smart meters and meters with built-in leak detection. Cost: $630,000. Local match: $157,600.